Exporting Impressions and Experiences to be discussed at the Made in Russia Forum

9 December Moscow will host a roundtable entitled Exporting Impressions and Experiences as part of the Made in Russia International Export Forum organized by the Russian Export Center.

‘Challenges of the new decade’ was chosen as the key topic for the event, which in 2020 will take place online. 

Heads of Russian and international companies, federal and regional authorities, Russian banks and regional export support centres, relevant associations and unions, business media representatives and leading experts are all expected to take part in the event and discuss issues pertaining to the economy and export in the third decade of this century. 

Forum participants will hear presentations on new business solutions that assist export development, as well as on the ‘One Stop Shop’ infosystem. The venue will host seminars on setting up export and searching for potential customers abroad.

At 17:30 a roundtable entitled Exporting Impressions and Experiences will take place. This roundtable will examine how businesses are transforming, and what they are now focusing on in light of the pandemic, ever-faster digitalization, rising consumer demand, and the increased pace of society. Above all, the experts in attendance will discuss how to develop a successful export in the impression/experience industry today.

Impressions and experiences are the main currency of the post-industrial world. And today’s society is willing to pay huge sums in pursuit of them. Audiences are craving spectacle, and production companies are doing what they can to keep up with demand. Some of the highest-profile launches in recent years include Apple TV+, Disney+, HBO Max, Peacock from NBCUniversal, and Amazon Prime Video. It is a trend which can also be observed in Russia, with domestic companies launching Okko, Amediateka, Wink, Premier, IVI, KinoPoisk,, MTS TV, Megogo, Start, and Chill.

Russian and international speakers are expected to participate, including Evgeniya Danilchenko, Head of Export Support for Creative Industries, Russian Export Center; Elena Lysenkova, Directorate of State Tourist Projects and Safety in Tourism of the Federal Tourism Agency; Evgeny Nikishov, Head of 1-2-3 Production, producer of TV series To the Lake, producer and director of TV series Dyatlov Pass and others; Maria Salina, Deputy Director, Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts; Valery Fedorovich, Head of 1-2-3 Production, producer of TV series To the Lake, producer and director of TV series Dyatlov Pass and others; Alexander Shulgin, visionary, investor and composer. The event will be moderated by Alexandra Modestova, expert in the Russian and international television market, and in promoting creative industries in the international digital realm; General Director, Expocontent.

“Today, during the protracted quarantine period the society's historical request for "bread and circuses" is more relevant than ever. In the pursuit of impressions, modern society is ready to spend more and more money. Then what should the domestic business model for the development of the impressions industry look like? This question will be answered by creative industry professionals: directors and producers of successful film projects, composers, museum filed workers and industry experts. Most importantly, we will be able to clearly express problems and ways of solving them. Afterwards, we will send summary letters to the relevant authorities,” said Veronika Nikishina, CEO of the Russian Export Center.

The roundtable broadcast will be available at the Forum website:

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