Major motor shows to be held as part of SPIEF 2021

The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum will host a number of major international and Russian motor shows and competitions.

The official sporting programme of SPIEF 2021 will include Peace Rally, Ladoga Trophy Raid 2021, Leningrad Rally and Petersburg classic car rally as part of the Russian Automobile Federation (RAF) Cup.

Ten Soviet retro cars taking part in the Peace Rally will cover the route San Marino – Monaco – St. Petersburg from 24 May to 2 June and make the finish at the Forum venue. This event primarily aimed at strengthening business and cultural ties between Russia and Europe has been held since 2017, and in 2019 the first stage of the race ended at SPIEF. The Peace Rally 2019 organized by Russia Charity charitable foundation was kicked off by Prince Albert II of Monaco.

The Forum sporting programme will also include Russia’s largest off-road motor race Ladoga Trophy Raid. Over 100 crews from all over Russia will participate in the competition, while the route will be the longest in the event history: over eight days participants will cover more than 1,200 kilometres around Lake Ladoga, with more than 120 kilometres of really rough terrain.

Leningrad Rally has been held as part of SPIEF since 2018. This year the event marking the opening of the classic car season in St. Petersburg and its suburbs will take place before the start of the Forum, on 22 May. Participants will not only open the sporting season, but also drive along a picturesque sightseeing route in the city’s historic centre and its outskirts during the magical period of white nights.

As part of the classic car rally of the Russian Automobile Federation (RAF), sportsmen and amateurs will drive 170 kilometres in historic and rare cars during the evening and night. The RAF Cup has been traditionally held for six years, and this year the rally will take place on 5 June and will become a signature event of the sporting programme of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

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