Joint Statement adopted at the BRICS Chief Justices Forum

The BRICS Chief Justices Forum took place on 8 September 2020, attended by the Chief Justice and President of the Federal Supreme Court of the Federative Republic of Brazil Dias Toffoli, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation V.M. Lebedev, the Chief Justice of the Republic of India Hon’ble Justice Sharad Arvind Bobde, the Chief Justice and President of the Supreme People’s Court of the People’s Republic of China Zhou Qiang and Justice of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of South Africa Sisi Khampepe.

The event was organised under Russian presidency and for the first time was held via videoconference. This step is explained by the global pandemic of the novel coronavirus infection and is in line with the current world practice of conducting such meetings.

During the sessions of the Forum, the BRICS Chief Justices discussed the protection of interests of economic actors through measures of administrative judicial procedure, as well as consumer rights protection in the modern economic environment.

The BRICS Chief Justices note the variety of approaches to consideration of disputes involving industrial and economic processes. During the current turbulent period that requires the fastest possible restoration of the national economies, effective protection of entrepreneurs’ rights through administrative proceedings is one of the top state priorities on the road to economic recovery and improvement of the business environment.

The all-round implementation and active use of modern information technologies is changing the lives and consumer habits of citizens across the globe. The rapidly changing economic conditions require the national judiciaries to keep up to date by adapting court mechanisms to the new realities of the “digital age”. In this regard, it is highly important for the public to be provided with adequate and timely judicial protection of consumer rights.

The BRICS Chief Justices appreciate the introduction of new procedural mechanisms and the use of modern technologies in adjudication of this type of cases.

The BRICS Chief Justices specifically note the importance of regular exchange of opinions on current issues of improvement of justice in national jurisdictions.

The holding of consultations via videoconference has demonstrated its efficiency and is worthy of further detailed study and use in discussion of topical issues of administration of justice.

The BRICS Chief Justices intend to continue holding such meetings in the future and express their hope for the further strengthening of ties of judicial cooperation for the good of the participating states and their citizens.

This Joint Statement, prepared in English and Russian, was adopted on 8 September 2020 following the BRICS Chief Justices Forum, with consent of the participating sides.

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