Russian Creativity Week – the impetus for the development of creative sector in the country

Gorky Park will host the first ever Russian Creativity Week (– a key national event in creative industries – from 11 to 13 September. Leaders from 14 industries that make up the ‘creative industries’ concept according to the international classifications – art, music, fashion, design, architecture and urban studies, cinema, television, new media, publishing and journalism, marketing, computer graphics, development games, IT, and specialized education – will get together in the very heart of Moscow. Russian Creativity Week will feature more than 700 events and 500 speakers over a period of three days. The event will be attended by residents of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Perm, and other regions of the Russian Federation.

The Russian Creativity Week Organizing Committee is chaired by Head of the Presidential Administration for Public Projects Sergey Novikov. The following individuals have been invited to join the Organizing Committee: Russian Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Gulnaz Kadyrova, Federal Agency for Youth Affairs Director Alexander Bugayev, National Media Group CEO Olga Paskina, Yandex in Russia CEO Yelena Bunina, Mail.Ru Group CEO Boris Dobrodeyev, Russian Culture Centre Director Marina Abramova, Roscongress Foundation Deputy CEO and Director of the Roscongress Foundation’s social platform Innosocium Foundation Yelena Marinina, and Deputy Moscow Mayor and Chief of Staff of the Mayor and Moscow Government Natalya Sergunina, among others. 

“Given the importance of developing the potential of creative industries in the country, the Russian Creativity Week project is being supported at the level of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation. There are no more than 10 annual marquee events dedicated to creative industries around the world. I am certain that the expertise of the Russian Creativity Week Organizing Committee members and their deep understanding of the specifics of creative industries will help make it a truly high-profile-scale, significant, and outstanding event”, Russian Creativity Week Organizing Committee Chairman and Head of the Presidential Administration for Public Projects Sergey Novikov said.

“Our goal is to create a platform for communication, the demonstration of new ideas and solutions, and the exchange of experience among representatives of creative industries. Together with the leaders of the professional community, we are developing a programme of educational, business, and entertainment events in 14 thematic areas: master classes, film premieres, lectures, pitch sessions, business sessions, and exhibitions. They events are absolutely free and open to everyone, both personally and online”Russian Culture Centre Director and Russian Creativity Week Director Marina Abramova said.

Part of the Russian Creativity Week programme is being assembled under the supervision of international experts, including MusicAeterna conductor and artistic director Teodor Currentzis, head of the Player One game media project Anton Gorodetsky, and prominent fashion and clothing designer Tatyana Parfyonova.

In addition to an extensive educational and entertainment programme, Russian Creativity Week will include a business forum at which representatives of the government, business, and the creative community will discuss issues related to the development of the potential of the creative economy. The forum will be attended by 50 residents from foundations, museums, clusters, and public associations.  

“We view our mission as creating an effective platform for communication among representatives of government, business, and the creative sector and to search for business alliances and partnerships in order to support the most promising projects in creative industries. I am certain that Russian Creativity Week will serve as a powerful driver for the development of the creative sector and will make a significant contribution to promoting Russian creative industries both in our country and abroad”Roscongress Foundation Deputy CEO and Director of the Innosocium Foundation Yelena Marinina said. “The Innosocium Foundation, the social platform of the Roscongress Foundation, is actively working to develop a segment for creative industries at the biggest forum sites of the Roscongress Foundation as part of the business programme and the programme of the Building Trust thematic area”.

Gorky Park will serve as the venue of Russian Creativity Week ( in Moscow. The country’s most prominent park will have sites for thematic lectures, a main stage, a film festival, and a literature festival. The architectural plan of Russian Creativity Week fully meets the requirements of the Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing.

Russian Creativity Week is being held based on instructions given by Russian President Vladimir Putin on 2 November 2019 to provide state support for modern popular music and contemporary visual art. The event aims to reveal the creative and economic potential of the Russian creative community

Russian Creativity Week is being organized by Russian Culture Centre, the social platform of the Roscongress Foundation – the Innosocium Foundation, and the Russian Book Union. The project is being implemented with the support of the Presidential Grants Fund.

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